Controlling Motion

Allowing safely and sustainably controlled movement in technical systems is the mission of MTM


Linear dampers

When 1/100th of mm is required in plastic injection moulding, MTM are the right partner. Special production equipment developed with in-house know how allow high precision production within guaranteed tolerances. We use the sames proven processes for subcontracted parts as per our own damper components.

Functional units

MTM are also specialised in complex assemblies, combining plastic components with steel or Mazak components, with springs, with other processed plastic parts and realise ready to integrate sub-assemblies for many industrial applications.

Rotary dampers

Products ready for use, packaged, labelled and palettisized ready for shipment are the daily bread of MTM. According to customer specifications, the finished products are supplied ready for sales.

Moulded components

When your own technicians are throwing the towel, then MTM are ready to take up the challenge. Special components with stringent tolerances or complex assemblies with difficult assembly processes are part of the MTM portfolio.