Controlling Motion

Allowing safely and sustainably controlled movement in technical systems is the mission of MTM


MTM continue their rapid progression. Moving into their new own premises only last year, room is already getting tight. As planned, 3.800m2 of supplementary land were acquired and the extension of the building by another 530 m2 was started. A new 100t injection molding press is lined up in the production hall and 2 other molding presses already ordered will complete the machine parc early in 2016. For a large long-term order, two fully automatic assembly machines have been ordered and new interesting projects will for sure fuel our progression over the coming years. Obviously, we are continuing full throttle ahead.

New website

Here it is. Since the 15.04.2014 the new website from MTM is online. There we present the most important aspect of our activity and we hope that the information incitates you to get in contact with us for a deeper conversation about your applications. We are crazy about movement ! Let's talk about it !


The ink under the property deal is still fresh, but soon, we will be there: to cope with the increasing need for space due to the fast business development, MTM will change premises in September 2014. More space for new machines and equipment was already in the planning process for some time. In the new building, there will be also more space for Research & Development and for the Quality Insurance and measuring equipment.


A new and compact damper with challenging specifications was launched at years end and is currently in the production ramp-up. Once fully launched, this new addition in the damper family will use the 10 Mio pieces capacity installed for this product. The new damper was developed on customer specification and is a further proof of the specific competence of MTM in this product segment.